Interior is the main activity of our company. Malfas provides interior design as well as complete interior decoration at the highest level Read more

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Solid surface

Solid surface materials are made from combinations of acrylic resins and unsaturated polyester.. They are very durable and resistant to mechanical damage Read more

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Outdoor furniture

As life becomes faster and more complex, the need for quality time and space grows. In MALFAS we open the door to beautiful outdoor spaces... Read more


Wall coverings

Lining the interior has multiple roles in the functionality and aesthetics of the space: sound and thermal insulation, protection, as well as decorating wall and ceiling surfaces. Read more

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Modern kitchen, above all, need to be looked at as a work space in which household members spend a lot of time. Kitchens today have to satisfy two conditions. Read more


Furniture pieces

Whether it is veneered or solid wood furniture - its beauty and warmth always stands out from the furniture made by other materials. Read more


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    MALFAS is a dynamic company in constant development by monitoring customer needs and innovation in technology.

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